Kelsey Sprewell

Kelsey has always been active and into sports, but has also struggled with her weight. When she graduated high school, sports came to an end for her. She was no longer very active and loved to eat all the wrong things. 3 years after high school, she was at her heaviest (220 pounds) and decided it was time to make a life change. She began to eat more healthy and jog/walk at least 5 days a week. After sticking with that and noticing drastic changes in her mood and body, the walk turned into a jog and the jog turned into a run. She did this until she lost a total of 70 pounds. She began participating in a group fitness class that introduced her to high intensity circuit training for about a year. 

She decided to give CrossFit a go in May of 2013 and never looked back. The day she entered the doors at Crossfit Carrollton (just to get some information) she was convinced to workout right then and there. That was the very day that she found her passion for Crossfit. After attending classes regularly, she decided to see just how much her body and mind could handle and trained for a full marathon (26.2 miles) with her dad. They ran the space coast marathon in Melbourne Florida together in December, 2013. Since then, she has run at least 2 half marathons a year and several 10k, and 5ks. She got her Crossfit level-1 trainer certificate in 2014 and became an owner of CrossFit Carrollton in 2016.